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In the state of Ohio, finding and choosing a Special Needs Dentistry can feel like a difficult task. We’re here to guide you through what to know, what to ask, and to help make your decision one that you can feel completely confident in.

Finding a Special Needs Dentistry

Depending on your location, it can be difficult to find a true special needs dentistry. For example, where CDI is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, there are only two dentists that specialize in patients with special needs.

The first and easiest place to start your search is, as almost always these days, Google. Type in “Special Needs Dentistry” or “Special Needs Dentistry Near Me” and carefully read and vet the top results in your area.

Next, take the time to go through the reviews for each dentist. If the dentist has a lot of negative reviews, or doesn’t have many reviews at all, be sure to take that into consideration.

Take a Deeper Dive into Your Chosen Dentist

These days, almost all dentistries offer a free consultation without any obligation to move forward with any procedures. Take advantage of this and schedule a time to meet with the dentist and staff in person, face-to-face. If you can, we strongly advise that you bring the person who needs dental work with you on the consultation. This is the best way to get an idea of how the staff and dentist communicates with the patient and you can quickly assess the level of comfort for your patient and yourself with the dentist.

Ask questions! Make sure that the dentist and staff are comfortable with the special needs of the patient. Some needs are physical, others are mental, and you want to be sure that the team is trained and experienced in the special needs of your patient.

For example, at Cleveland Dental Institute, all of our doctors are trained experts in working closely with our patients that have special needs that include:

  • Physical
  • Developmental
  • Mental
  • Anxiety
  • Sensory
  • Behavioral
  • Cognitive or emotional impairment that requires special medical management, intervention, or specialized services
  • American Sign Language for communication

Ultimately, you want your dentist and their staff to establish a comfortable and trusting relationship with the patient. Communication is key, and each special needs patient is different, and communicates differently. A great dentist will be intuitive and adaptive to this in order to find the best way to relate to the patient.

Booking an Appointment

Once you’ve selected your preferred Special Needs Dentistry and you’re booking the appointment, take this time to talk to the staff to answer any further questions you may have, or to have any questions you may have already asked reiterated. A great Special Needs Dentistry understands that patients require patience— and some more than others. So, don’t be afraid to ask a question you may have already asked.

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