About CDI

Cleveland Dental Institute is a unique Ohio patient dentistry and dental professionals institute. Read on to learn more about CDI.

World-Class Patient Care, Right in Ohio

At CDI, every patient receives personalized care from an unmatched team of dental professionals, each fully certified and licensed dentists.

Some of the highlights of CDI that make us unique include:

  • Acceptance of all insurance plans
  • Uniquely skilled in child dental care
  • Voluntary sedation upon request
  • Trained in special needs patient care
  • Dentistry, orthodontics, & surgery
  • Emergency services
  • The most advanced technology


What also makes us unique is the CDI Dental Assisting Program, which provides continuing education courses at masters and advanced levels, as well as general residency programs. CDI is the ONLY CDCA training facility in Ohio.

The CDI administration selection committee upholds the highest standards in who cares for you. Our residents are all top-tier students that come to CDI from all over the globe to practice under our world-class faculty.

CDI Dental Assisting Program is a fully ADA CERP- and PACE-Recognized Provider.

A Bit More About CDI

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CDI Locations

CDI is expanding rapidly! Learn more about our Ohio locations or find the location nearest you.

The CDI Team

Put faces to names and get to know the entire team at Cleveland Dental Institute

About CDI | About Cleveland Dental Institute | CDI Academy

Dental Assisting Program

Learn about CDI Dental Assisting Program residency programs, & continuing education courses.

See What Facebook is Saying About CDI

Naja Lhenay B. Says...

I was very nervous but Dr. Martinez and Kiylee were perfect and kept me calm. They’re the best and it definitely was fast. ❤️

Gina Stenroos S. Says...

My son had a root canal done at the Ashtabula office today, and the care was wonderful!!! Thank you so much!

Kayla R. Says...

We really liked the office in ashtabula. they are nice and do a good job. they seem to really care about there work.

Lydia B. Says...

pleasant and quick front desk and technicians. doctors take the time to ask extra questions so that everyone is clear on the procedures. Self pay is easy to set up too.

Shani R. Says...

My 6 year old daughter was terrified of the dentist before coming here and seeing Dr. Masoud or her “dentist friend” as she calls him lol. He was able to start a root canal on her tooth and she sat just fine for him. Today when we came back for the crown to be put on a tooth to be filled he wasnt the dentist working on her but stopped to see her and tell her that he would step in and finish if she got to upset. That seemed to calm her nerves and she did just fine with the other dentist. Our experience with the Cleveland Dental institute have been amazing and now a little girl who was terrified of the dentist can wait to go back.

CDI is the preferred Ohio Dentist for Children & Special Needs Patients

Only one of two dentistries in the Greater Cleveland area that caters to special needs and children with mental or physical disabilities, Cleveland Dental Institute is specially-trained in dealing with children and patients with special needs.

If your child is better served under sedation, all you have to do is let us know. CDI is one of the very few dentists in Ohio that voluntarily sedate upon request.

Cleanings, X-Rays, & Exams

Teeth Whitening

Dental Emergencies

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implants

Orthodontic Care

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