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A leading Cleveland pediatric dentist, Cleveland Dental Institute specializes in child dental care throughout all of Ohio. Our dentists are specially trained in how to treat and handle children with the utmost of care and attention.

The preferred Cleveland pediatric dentist

Due to our unique approach and deep history of caring for children, Cleveland Dental Institute has risen to become a leading pediatric dentist for parents and children in and around Cleveland and now throughout Ohio. Our expansion into Akron, Columbus, Dayton, and Ashtabula means that families throughout the state can receive and depend on Cleveland Dental Institute’s .

Our unique approach to caring for children

Every child is different, and we understand this deeply. Through our decades of experience with all types of kids, and constantly refining and evolving our techniques and approach, we have developed a method of making children feel comfortable and at ease with their pediatric dental care.

We know the dentist can be “scary” to young children. We will sit and talk with each child prior to any procedures, and explain the process to them in a simple language that makes sense to them and helps them to feel at ease. No “dentist speak” here! We make sure they are comfortable with their caretakers and understand that we are there to help them, not cause them any pain or anxiety.

The Cleveland pediatric dentist that caters to special needs & disabilities

Why else is Cleveland Dental Institute the trusted Cleveland pediatric dentist? Our experience with children doesn’t stop with the above. CDI is actually one of only two dentistries in the Greater Cleveland area that caters to developmentally disabled children and children with special needs— and we’re extremely proud of it.

All of our dentists are highly and specially trained in working with children with physical and mental disabilities, high anxiety, sensory challenges, behavioral challenges, as well as children with cognitive or emotional impairment. We are trained in providing special medical management and services. Learn more here.

One of the few Cleveland pediatric dentist offices with elective sedation

Moms and dads should also know that Cleveland Dental Institute is also one of the few places where you can request that your child be sedated if, despite all efforts, they are simply too anxious or afraid to be awake during their dental care. And our doctors are here for you to answer any questions you may have regarding elective sedation.

Children’s dental services at Cleveland Dental Institute

A full-service Cleveland pediatric dentist, we offer all of the same dental procedures and services for children that we do for adults.

These include but are not limited to:

If you have questions regarding the care or procedure for your child, we encourage you to contact us. We are just an email or a call away and have a team ready to field any questions or concerns you may have about your little ones.

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