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When it comes to tooth extraction, Cleveland Dental Institute performs both simple extraction and surgical extraction of teeth, and offers a range of different dentures solutions based on the desire and needs of each patient. If you’re having a tooth extracted, you can request to be asleep for your procedure!

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Tooth Extraction at CDI

A tooth extraction is a permanent procedure in which your doctor will remove the tooth from its socket in the bone. Tooth extractions may need to occur if your doctor feels that a filling or crown is not suitable, and the tooth has too much damage.

Some common reasons are:

    • Disease
    • Trauma
    • Crowding

Other reasons an extraction may be required are to make room for braces, or if your doctor feels the tooth may become a source of infection later.


A dual approach to tooth extraction

Cleveland Dental Institute can either perform this procedure through simple extraction, or surgical extraction.

Simple extraction is a procedure done on a visible tooth. In this procedure, your doctor will loosen the tooth and then follow by using forceps to remove the tooth.

A surgical extraction is more complex, and is used for teeth that have broken at the gum line, or has not erupted in the mouth. In this procedure, your doctor will make an incision in your gum, and surgically extract the damaged or broken tooth. This procedure is very common for wisdom teeth.

At Cleveland Dental Institute, our doctors will determine if a tooth extraction is right for you.

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CDI Dentures Solutions

Dentures are used to replace missing teeth and are used to restore your smile. They are needed when replacing large chunks, or all of the patient’s teeth. They also provide long term oral health as well since they prevent facial sagging from tooth loss.

Dentures come in a few different styles and are dependent on the patient’s wants and needs. They are a permanent solution to dentures replacing teeth that may have been lost for different reasons.

There are different styles, including, conventional, immediate, and overdentures. The conventional denture takes several months to be made, however, they are the most natural looking type.

Before a patient receives their conventional dentures, they will have an immediate pair, which will typically be inserted the same day of a patient’s procedure. These will allow our patient to still have teeth, as the gums heal, thereby allowing them to ease their daily practices, like talking, and eating.

Lastly, an overdenture is used when a patient can still keep some of their natural teeth in order to keep their jawbone preserved, or to work as an anchor for the rest of the denture. Overdentures are placed over a patient’s original teeth and will be prepared by your doctor.

It is always important to remember to treat your dentures like natural teeth. Be sure to brush regularly, and eat healthy! Also, keep in mind, when not wearing your dentures, to place them in water to avoid warping.

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