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General Practice Residency (GPR)


Each person we teach has their own journey.

General Practice Residency (GPR) Program at the Cleveland Dental Institute

The GPR Program sponsored by the Cleveland Dental Institute, is a one-year program for recent Dental School graduates. Throughout their residency, Doctors expand on what they had learned in school, but in the unique environment of a private practice. CDI provides the opportunity for Residents to experience working within numerous fields of Dentistry by exposing them to basic procedures, posterior Endodontics, Apicoectomy and micro-surgery, wisdom tooth surgeries, periodontal surgeries, and dental implant procedures.

During their year at CDI, Residents will rotate at the Hospital with the Internal Medicine Department as well as the Addiction Medicine and Anesthesia Departments where they have the opportunity to work in their Dental Operating Rooms.

The majority of our Resident’s time is spent in CDI’s three private practices where they will see, first hand, how practices operate. We find this exposure to be a unique and valuable experience for Residents.

The GPR Program at the Cleveland Dental Institute accepts both U.S. Grads and foreign trained Dentists for this program with class sizes ranging in 6-8 residents for a single year.

General Practice Residency (GPR Program) Goals

  • Act as a primary care provider for individuals and groups of patients. This includes: providing emergency and multidisciplinary comprehensive oral health care; providing patient focused care that is safe, effective, and timely as coordinated by the general practitioner; and directing health promotion and disease prevention activities.

  • Plan and provide multidisciplinary oral health care for a wide variety of patients including those who present with special needs, complex medical histories, high levels of pain and anxiety, and those who would otherwise have limited access to care.

  • Manage the delivery of oral health care by applying concepts of patient and practice management and quality improvement that are responsive to a dynamic health care environment.

  • Function effectively and efficiently in multiple health care environments within interdisciplinary health care teams.

  • Apply scientific principles to learning and oral health care. This includes using critical thinking, evidence or outcomes-based clinical decision-making, and technology-based information retrieval systems.

  • Utilize the values of professional ethics, lifelong learning, patient-centered care, adaptability, and acceptance of cultural diversity in professional practice.

  • Understand the oral health needs of communities and engage in community service.

Upon completion of the General Practice Residency, Residents will be able to


Demonstrate their progressive confidence, competency, efficiency, and technical knowledge in all aspects of General Dentistry and advanced dental treatment;


Recognize, diagnose, coordinate, and provide the treatment of dental emergencies and oral disease in a patient-centered manner;


Demonstrate effective and efficient use of the dental team and resources in the provision of timely, cost effective dental treatment with an emphasis on disease risk assessment and prevention.

General Practice Residency Selection

The General Practice Residency Program policies are established to maintain compliance with the policies Application Process and requirements of the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation.

To ensure that the applicants selected for the residency training program will be able to successfully meet the goals and expectations of the program please refer below.


Candidates are selected from a pool of applicants who have completed a course of study in a dental school that has been accredited by the ADA/CODA, and who has graduated with a DDS or DMD degree.

If you do not meet these criteria and are interested in entering an advanced post graduate training program please contact us.

Applicants must be a United States Citizen or a US permanent resident, to receive hospital funding for the residency. The GME Committee is not able to fund the H-1B Visa at this time.


Each applicant may request information regarding the program by calling the Office of Graduate Medical Education at 216-727-0124. 

GPR Application Process

The Cleveland Dental Institute GPR Program looks for candidates who have demonstrated clinical and didactic abilities, aptitude, communication skills, and personal qualities necessary to treat patients with medical complexities.

The GPR program will accept applications through the PASS and Match Programs program. You must apply to our program through the PASS website, linked below.

Deadline for application submission is September 1 of each year.

Information received by the program must contain the following information in order to be reviewed for consideration of an interview:


  • PASS application and 2 x 2 photo

  • Three letters of recommendation

  • Dental School transcripts

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Personal statement

  • Graduate from an approved American dental school

  • Appropriate academic performance demonstrated in transcripts of individual courses

  • Grade Point Average and Class Rank

  • NBDE Scores

  • Letter of recommendation including an assessment of clinical and leadership skills

  • Recommendations supporting ethical and professional behavior necessary to work in an advanced education program

  • Demonstrated professional qualities, communication skills, and personal traits in the interview process

  • Demonstrated qualities and abilities to function in a multidisciplinary healthcare environment.

Each application is carefully reviewed by the Program Director.  With Faculty consultation, a select group will be invited for interview.

The interviews are conducted by the Program Director along with Senior Faculty; The interviewers complete a standardized evaluation for each applicant;

Applicants are also given the opportunity to anonymously evaluate the interview process;

Upon completion, review of credentials, and  interview, the Program Director and Selection Committee meets to determine the selection of residents with a ranking.

A match list is developed and forwarded to the National Residency Match Program for assignment of residents.

Once candidates are matched and accepted, the names and selection criteria are submitted to CDI for review, contract offering and official selection.

The General Practice Residency Program will not discriminate with regard to sex, race, age, religion, color, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

The program in general practice residency (12-month/optional 2nd year) is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation [and has been granted the accreditation status of “approval without reporting requirements”]. The Commission is a specialized accrediting body recognized by the United States Department of Education. The Commission on Dental Accreditation can be contacted at (312) 440-4653 or at 211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611. The Commission’s web address is:

The Commission on Dental Accreditation has accredited the program in general practice residency. However, accreditation of the program does not in itself constitute recognition of any dental specialty status.

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