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Dental Fillings



Dental fillings are a permanent treatment that restores a tooth back to its normal shape and function. Like many treatments, our doctors will consult you and give you the best options for fillings.

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About CDI Dental Fillings

dental fillings

A permanent treatment that restores a tooth back to its normal shape and function.

Dental fillings prevent further tooth decay from occurring on an affected tooth.

Like many treatments, our doctors will consult you and give you the best options for fillings.

A dental filling will most commonly be used when filling a cavity. Each case is unique, and therefore, our doctors take numerous things into consideration:

    1. How long a filling can last,
    2. the size and location of the filling, and
    3. cost.

We always encourage our patients to discuss with our doctors regarding the filling, since there are various options.

A few options include composite resins, dental amalgam, and gold fillings. Dental fillings composite resins, also called tooth-colored fillings, have a mixture of either glass or quartz, which provide a strong structure for small and medium-sized fillings. These can be used on any one of our patients’ teeth.

A dental amalgam, also called a silver-colored filling, is a filling made from metal. Using silver-colored fillings common, and has been practiced for many years. Although it looks somewhat unnatural, these fillings are very strong and durable. This option is more affordable than either composite resins or gold fillings.

Gold fillings, also called inlays or onlays, like amalgam, are composed of metals, including gold. These fillings are very strong, however, they do not look natural, unlike composite resins.

The doctors at Cleveland Dental Institute are ready to start your customized treatment! Do you think you need fillings? Find out more about fillings. Create your appointment online or call and schedule at one of our two convenient locations. Our office on Shaker Blvd. and our newest location on Lee Rd. in the Lee-Harvard Plaza at the former Metro Health Building.

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Dr. Mustafa and Dr. Tara are the BEST dentist in Cleveland, Oh! I was so nervous, but it was comfortable and it was quick! I love them! And Ciarra the front desk receptionist was phenomenal for giving me the courage to save my money and not get put to sleep for this very simple procedure.

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Cleveland Dental Institute is a really nice establishment, good customer service as well they get the job done. I’ve been getting my teeth done here for over five years and they always done a great job. Cierra is one of the best employees there because she always make sure to remind you of your appointments, as well always having you leaving out with a smile. If you’re looking for a good place to get your teeth done Cleveland Dental Institute is the spot.

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