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Sleep Dentistry, General Anesthesia, IV Sedation, & Special Needs



Sleep dentistry is always available at Cleveland Dental Institute. We understand that some patients are sensitive to dental care and prefer to be asleep. We’re here for you. All you have to do is ask!

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About Cleveland Dental Institute Sleep Dentistry: General Anesthesia & IV Sedation

At Cleveland Dental Institute, our doctors offer patients the option to go under general anesthesia or IV sedation for their dental procedure.

We understand that everyone is different and everyone’s comfort level and tolerance is different.

This is why we provide the ability for our patients to request to be asleep during their visit.

At CDI, we ensure that our patients will not experience any pain or discomfort during oral procedures. Want to be asleep during your next visit— all you have to do is ask!

Cleveland Dental Institute: Experts with Special Needs Patients & Sleep Dentistry

Cleveland Dental Institute is 1 of only 2 dentristies in Greater Cleveland that caters to special needs and children with mental or physical disabilities.

Our doctors at Cleveland Dental Institute are highly experienced and trained in providing quality dental care to our patients with special needs— of all ages.

All of our doctors are expertly trained in working closely with special needs such as:

    • Physical

    • Developmental

    • Mental

    • Anxiety

    • Sensory

    • Behavioral

    • Cognitive or emotional impairment that requires special medical management, intervention, or specialized services

At CDI we work very hard to love and care for our special needs patients. Often, a challenge some patients face is the issue of communication. At our practice, we assure you, that our doctors will work to build a relationship with our patients no matter what it takes. We do our best to streamline communication, so that both our patients, and our doctors can best discuss treatment options.

Handicapped Access

Our facility provides full wheelchair access, and has translators including ASL (American Sign Language). We also offer either sedation or OR (operating room) options for behavior management.

As we do with all our patients, we will always do our best to accommodate our patients’ schedules to have them come in at an optimum time that is in the patients’ best interest. At CDI, we can accommodate special needs patients of all ages.

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MA Fisher Says...

The staff was very helpful the doctors was caring and the ladies are gorgeous and make the dentist work easy. Good dentist.

Crystal Burke Says...

Dr Zimmerman is awesome. Makes you feel comfortable and always makes sure your never in pain. Will recommend him to all I know. Thank you for all the help you have given me.

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