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Choosing between the many Cleveland orthodontists can feel overwhelming on the surface, but we can help you find your perfect orthodontist.

Searching through the many Cleveland Orthodontists

When searching for Cleveland Orthodontists, the majority of us all start in the same places. If we haven’t been personally referred by a close friend or family member, you’re either starting your search on Google or within your personal insurance network. While the latter may make the task of selecting an orthodontist easier, the former can yield a seemingly endless list of results for Cleveland orthodontists. Here are the ways to narrow down your results and find a top professional nearest you.

Filter Cleveland Orthodontists by your location

You’re likely not about to drive 500 miles for braces, so first narrow your search by location to your home, researching the orthodontists nearest you and working outward to the limit that you’d be willing to drive for premium care. Adjust your search to “Orthodontists Near Me” and you’ll get results based on a map centered around your current location. From here, it’s time to you a little deeper research.

Spend Time with Reviews

One of the best ways to get a genuine feeling for the best (and worst) care providers is to look at the customer rating and online reviews. Spend the time reading through the most recent Google and Facebook reviews. Most popular and preferred orthodontists are going to have a lot of reviews to read through, and seeing what actual customers are saying is the best way to get an idea for the level of care and skill provided by the orthodontist and/or dentistry. You may also find reviews on Yelp.

One important aspect to consider when it comes to reading online reviews is to look at the OVERALL rating. There will likely always be a few bad reviews— every customer is different and sometimes unfavorable experiences may occur. It’s important to understand that if the overall rating and reviews are favorable, there are going to be a few lesser reviews. If the overall opinion of the orthodontist is negative, with a low rating and/or more poor reviews than normal, you’d be wise to move on to other prospects.

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Cleveland Orthodontists Accreditation

Let’s say, after reading the reviews, you’ve narrowed your prospects to the top 3-5. Go a level deeper and visit each orthodontists’ website. Do they list or display their accreditations from the dental industry? Dental accreditations are tightly controlled and are not awarded lightly, so if the orthodontist you have your eyes on is accredited, you can feel confident that you’ll receive a high level of skilled care. Cleveland Dental Institute, for example, is highly accredited in patient dental care, emergencies and surgery, and higher education. You can also research on websites like the American Board of Orthodontics or peer-reviewed dental websites.

Ask for a Consultation!

OK, you’ve found your winner from the list of Cleveland orthodontists. What now? Well, you can schedule an appointment for braces or Invisalign and take it from there. Or, you can schedule a consultation! This lets you get to know the staff, the orthodontist, and get a feel for the environment in the offices. Dental procedures are typically about comfort and care, so make sure you’re comfortable and treated well on your visit, first and foremost. And if you want a no-strings attached consultation with us, please feel free to reach out, here.

Bonus Tip: Ask the Right Questions

When you’re at your appointment, know the right questions to ask. Beyond any comfort or care questions you may have, make sure the orthodontist offers the service you’re seeking. Today, multiple braces and alignment options exist, from traditional wire braces to invisible aligners.